In such a competitive market, only those who have good differences stand out.

And it is precisely this philosophy that we apply in our methodology for validating athletes on our platform.

Our process of inserting athletes, clubs and other professionals is based on the quality of the information entered.

We know that in a selection process, the observation of a candidate by a recruiter involves reading technical information for their selection.

We reached this conclusion after 3 years of market research, checking with renowned professionals what would be the best way to collect data, and what they would be.

And it is precisely in this process that we implement our methodology.

We empirically identify what really generates interest and gives visibility to a professional or talent with the recruiter.

We value quality, not quantity!

It is not the number of users on the platform that will tell you whether it is good or not.

What’s the point of having a volume of applicants and not having the necessary quality of data to ensure ease and assertiveness in the recruiter selection process?

We cherish that!

When registering on our platform, the interested party must fill in all their personal, technical and physiological data so that they, the recruiter, can observe each item in detail, and subsequently pass it through the screening of their team (if necessary).

But first, the candidate needs to be subjected to “refinement” and validation of the information entered by the On Scout technical team.

The process begins with creating a profile and sending documents that legally prove that the person registering is really them, and not a fake.

If you are a minor, the data and documents of your legal representatives are also required and verified.

In a second stage, the technical data is analyzed, and only after all validation and correction of the data (if requested), the registrant receives the On Scout verified seal.

But what about photos and videos? Are they requested?

Yes, it is requested! But as we know that videos and photos, in addition to being out of use, are mostly ignored by a large number of recruiters (we identified this issue after consulting several professionals), using them only as a complement to information.

That’s why we only request 1 video, the best the candidate has.

In other words, the entire process, from signature to data validation, is monitored and verified, so that the recruiter has the best at hand for decision-making.

Thus generating more quality opportunities, avoiding fake and purposeless profiles.

See below some of our videos that better explain our methodology.

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