MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT AND GENERAL TERMS AND ELECTRONIC ACCEPTANCE FOR THE USE OF SERVICES AND DATA This Agreement and General Terms (hereinafter referred to as the AGREEMENT) apply to the use of services offered by On Scout Enterprises, Business, and Services, CNPJ no. 42.361.093/0001-20, the owner of this website. The natural or legal person, equal to or older than 8 years, upon information and authorization from a guardian or being older and capable, who has completed the registration, and whose data becomes an integral part of this AGREEMENT, shall be referred to as the USER/SUBSCRIBER. The purpose of this AGREEMENT is to establish the policy and regulations for access to and use of the services and data by the USER/SUBSCRIBER. By electronically accepting this AGREEMENT, by clicking the “I Accept the Terms of Use” button, the USER automatically adheres and agrees to be fully bound by its terms and conditions, as well as any future amendments, and accepts the provisions of this site’s policies. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY the terms and conditions of the services and data usage before giving your acceptance. I – GENERAL USER CONDITIONS The USER declares and expressly agrees to:
  1. be at least 18 years old and have legal capacity; if between 8 and 17 years old, it shall be mandatory to provide the legal guardian’s identification, who shall be responsible for all the registered data and information;
  2. not be under 8 years old, and in case of the identification of the infringement, their profile will be excluded, and access will be blocked by the administrators of this site;
  3. upon registration, whether a natural or legal person, have a registered proxy authorized to respond to their data in the case of legal entities;
  4. not use the services covered by this AGREEMENT for any unlawful transactions and/or illegal services;
  5. maintain the confidentiality of their USERNAME and PASSWORD for the registered account, not providing them to third parties under penalty of exclusive liability in case of damages;
  6. immediately notify On Scout Enterprises, Business, and Services in case of becoming aware of any security breach related to the service or unauthorized use of their USERNAME and PASSWORD;
  7. acknowledge that this AGREEMENT is formalized and binds the Parties with its electronic acceptance by the USER/SUBSCRIBER, which shall be done by clicking the “I Accept the Terms of Use” button;
  8. have read and be aware and fully agree with all the terms and conditions of this AGREEMENT, which they accept freely and voluntarily;
  9. ensure that the information provided is true, accurate, current, and complete, and that it should be kept updated during their time as a USER;
  10. accept and declare understanding that any text, trademark, audio, image, or content transmitted on this site is protected by intellectual property rights, and therefore, cannot be copied, reproduced, or republished in any way, except with the express authorization of the respective rights holder, under penalty of law;
  11. upon registration, the USER/SUBSCRIBER or LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE authorizes the unrestricted use of their registered data and images by On Scout Enterprises, Business, and Services, exclusively for promotional and advertising purposes of the site;
  12. also declare responsibility for the accuracy of all information entered on the site and that it does not violate any current laws or regulations, whether civil or criminal, being liable for such;
  13. declare under penalty of law that the data provided for registration is true and legally authorized by representatives, entrepreneurs, clubs, or brands they represent, and refer to their person as the USER/SUBSCRIBER/REPRESENTATIVE, being the sole and exclusive responsible party for any damage caused by the falsehood or bad faith in the provision of this data;
  14. be aware that in case of failure to submit requested documents or false information, the registration may be blocked or even canceled.
  1. On Scout Enterprises, Business, and Services guarantee the privacy of the information provided by the USER/SUBSCRIBER, in accordance with our Privacy Policies (https://onscout.app/politicas-de-privacidade), except with the prior authorization of the USER/SUBSCRIBER, except in cases where it is necessary to respond to requests or questions from government, judicial, or police authorities, in accordance with the law;
  2. the information provided by the USER/SUBSCRIBER and registered on this site will be used as inputs for mapping the USER/SUBSCRIBER’s profile and for the purposes for which the research is intended, with the full consent of the USER/SUBSCRIBER;
  3. the USER/SUBSCRIBER authorizes On Scout Enterprises, Business, and Services to establish communication with them via email, SMS, WhatsApp, and other known or future electronic means;
  1. On Scout Enterprises, Business, and Services are committed to complying with the duties and obligations regarding the protection of the USER/SUBSCRIBER’s personal data and undertakes to process the personal data collected under this AGREEMENT in accordance with the applicable current legislation, including, but not limited to, Law No. 12.965 of April 23, 2014, and Decree No. 8.771 of May 11, 2016 (“Marco Civil da Internet”), Law No. 13.709 of August 14, 2018 (“General Data Protection Law”), to the extent applicable;
  2. On Scout Enterprises, Business, and Services guarantee that any Personal Data provided by the USER is obtained in accordance with the LGPD and, therefore, equipped with the necessary measures, including, but not limited to, the provision of information, sending notifications, and including information in the respective Privacy Policies and other applicable documents, as well as obtaining the consent of the holders of Personal Data, when applicable;
IV – ACCESS EXCLUSION At its sole discretion, On Scout Enterprises, Business, and Services may terminate or suspend access to the Site for violation of this AGREEMENT or for any other reason it deems appropriate. In case of identifying incomplete or inaccurate information, On Scout Enterprises, Business, and Services may request correction of the information within 15 calendar days; otherwise, the subscription and access will be canceled, and a new registration will be mandatory. The site may be discontinued at any time without prior notice, with a proportional refund for subscribers with semi-annual or annual subscriptions. If you have any questions about the site or any issues you would like to report, please contact us by email: [email protected]. The Forum of the Comarca da Capital do Estado de Minas Gerais is chosen to settle any disputes arising from this AGREEMENT. Thus, considering the provisions of this Agreement, the USER/SUBSCRIBER declares that they fully agree with all the provisions contained in it, committing to irrevocably and irrevocably comply with the conditions set forth herein and to use the services offered in a profitable and legal manner.