On Scout is for you, football agent or businessman

Our platform has female and male athletes, with technical profiles of different levels and validated, thus facilitating the capture or inclusion of your athletes in our showcase.

A two-way partnership

As an agent or businessman, you will have access to the best in football athletes and professionals.

For agents, representatives or entrepreneurs, there are no fees or amounts charged per professional hired, all contact and negotiation is carried out directly with the person responsible or representative/manager of the professional.

Here you can generate opportunities and shorten the path to success!

But be careful! To be an On Scout subscriber or partner, you or your agency must be registered with the competent bodies.

Fake profiles? Not here!

What is the point of having a large number of applicants and not having the necessary quality of data to ensure ease and assertiveness in the recruiter selection process?

We cherish that!

When registering on our platform, the interested party must fill in all their personal, technical and physiological data so that they, the recruiter, can observe each item in detail, and subsequently pass it through the screening of their team (if necessary).

But first, the candidate needs to be subjected to “refining” and validation of the information entered by the On Scout technical team so that we can know if he really is an athlete in training or a professional, as this is the profile of athletes on the platform.

The process begins with creating a profile and sending documents that legally prove that the person registering is really them, and not a fake.

If you are a minor, the data and documents of your legal representatives are also required and verified.

Find athletes by geolocation

As an agent, representative or businessman, do you know of an unmissable opportunity and want to find the right athlete or professional for this opportunity?

On our platform, you can start your search through geolocation, that is, you can find the professional you are looking for by searching in your region in a direct and precise way and consequently reducing various costs in discovering these talents.