What if you could make the dream come true?

What if having a prominent career at a big club was possible?

Do you or your child have a passion for football?

So come with us!

The ON SCOUT platform is more than just a system, ON SCOUT’s ideal is to transform lives independently, which leaves us free for democratic integration between clubs, athletes and businesspeople.

We know that an opportunity created, a partnership or contract made through our platform has the potential to boost careers.

More than that: to transform stories of sadness, hopelessness and failure into success stories.

Being an agent of transformation is what motivates us!

Thinking of you we created

The platform is 100% online, intuitive and easy to use. Access among registrants will be through an affordable recurring subscription based on permission or invitation levels.

On the platform, users will be able to enter their detailed professional information, such as position, skills, physical and physiological characteristics, videos, among others, thus allowing detailed profile consultation by clubs, scouts and businesspeople.

As it is an online platform with no territorial barriers, we will operate in several global markets in the following order:


  • ASIA


We have one objective: to be the main showcase for athletes in the world.

And you can be part of this story!

Plans for athletes, businesspeople, clubs and schools

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